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The easy mounting, aesthetic look, and resistance to weather are characteristic for our fence systems. Besides marketing the products we undertake their assembly and installation, too.

We market three types of fence systems:

– board fence system,

– rolled fences – machine braids,

– knotted fences – game nets.

Fields of usage

Board fence systems:  industrial areas, sport premises, communal areas, public buildings, schools, playgrounds, cemeteries, detached houses, gardens, parks, etc.

Rolled machine braids: forestries,  protection against wild animals, in agriculture: protection of gardens, orchards, etc.

Knotted fences – game nets at forestries and hunting, in agriculture: protection of gardens, orchards, motorways, etc.


board fences

machine braids

game nets

Short description of the fence systems


Board fence systems:

they are made of steel wire by spot welding,

they have trapeze rib, which makes the elements rigid and strong.,

their coating is pre-galvanized, post-galvanized or powder coated – painted.

Rolled machine braids:

they are made from drawn galvanized steel wire using traditional braiding technology,

their coating is pre-galvanized or plastic.

Knotted fences – game nets:

with different thread thickness and division,

with denser mesh at the bottom and larger and larger mesh upwards,

made using special knotting from pre-galvanized wire.

Fence accessories

end element

intermediate element


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